Day Spa Melt Package – Scent from Heaven Soy Melts & Candles

Day Spa Melt Package

$4.50 AUD

5 of our most heavenly Day Spa inspired scents, in 1 value bundle.

Cool Citrus Basil - A refreshing blend of citrus & herbs. The top has sweet basil, lime, & wild mint. The heart blends geranium, linden blossom & cyclamen. 

Coconut & Lemongrass - An exotic touch of Thailand, tart, fruity top notes of pineapple, lemongrass, and lime blend with a peachy middle, leading to a smooth finish of vanilla, sandalwood and coconut.

Saigon - Stimulating & vibrant blending bergamot, lime, sweet orange and lemongrass.

Cool Water (Type) - The 'Davidoff Type' fragrance Cool Water, is fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine.  A medley of floral notes including lavender and neroli is balanced with earthy, masculine base notes of tobacco, leather, sandalwood and musk.

Cucumber Oak - A crisp yet balanced aroma with a combination of freshly sliced cucumber and lemon zest, complete with a slightly musky, woody base note that captures the essence of Spring time.

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