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About Us

Scent from Heaven was started in 2015 with the help of my mother. She was under the impression that I worked too much and needed a hobby. She was right. As a single, full time working mother, my life consisted of working and mothering, working and mothering with nothing of my own to express myself with.

I started off with 12 fragrances and a lot of research and a lot of trial and error and it was from there that my passion for the craft and our core value was born. 

"To have the largest range of fragrances available in any medium, whether it be soy melt or soy candle".

I would look at other candle makers and see that fragrance options were always limited to only a handful of scents in a particular medium. I wanted to give our customers choices and options to compliment their needs, and their style. I wanted people to be able to fill their homes or work spaces with unique fragrances that aren't just your run of the mill standard scents that everyone has.

I work out of a room in my home on the Northside of Brisbane, with the help of my two beautiful little girls who love all the colours and fragrances. There are now over 60 fragrances available and I am forever looking to grow the list, because maybe I don't like "Smoky Bacon Candle Fragrance" (yes it is actually a fragrance) doesn't mean someone else won't and it might just be exactly what they are looking for.